Luxury Arrivals Welcome Basket

Price varies depending on number of guests

Your personal shopping service....  
We buy fresh and deliver your basket to your holiday home ready for your arrival.
A great relaxed way to start your holiday!

Supermarkets in France are CLOSED Sundays afternoon therefore our 'Luxury Arrivals  Welcome Basket'  is ideal for clients who are arriving on a Sunday or even early evening Saturday so you have some immediate supplies for the whole family and the important bottle (or two!) of wine!

First night supplies 
Selection of P√Ętes, various local soft/hard and blue cheeses, selection or charcuterie (cold meats), smoked salmon, family size lasagna, green salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, couscous & coleslaw, fresh French baguettes, selection of fresh fruits (bananas, apples, oranges etc.), selection of biscuits, crisps, snacks, family size pizzas x 2 (ham/cheese or tomato/cheese), spaghetti or Fusilli, 2 x jars of bolognaise (or tomato) sauce, 3 bottle of wine (red/white/rose), 12 x beers, local bubbly.  


 Breakfast supplies   
Eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, English tea bags, coffee, sugar, butter, jam, 1 litre UHT half fat milk, 1 litre UHT full fat milk, bottles of water, 1 x carton of orange and 1 x carton of apple juice, selection of kids breakfast cereals, sliced bread and yummy brioche.

MINIMUM 7 days notice required for this service

Prices are based on 4 adult & 4 children and includes the personal shopping service by us and delivery. 
For more adults or children please select from our drop down tool bar below.

(basket varies depending on season)