Beach Pack Rental


Every year you go to the shops and buy exciting kids equipment for the perfect beach family day out.  However, why is it, it always costs you more than you thought in buckets and spades and that the kids always seem to find more and more fun equipment they want - and of course we buy it!!!

Why not have it all ready and waiting in your holiday accommodation and spend the extra time enjoying your family holiday and the extra money on what you really want!

Let us worry about all the equipment by having our great 'Beach Pack' of exciting toys and equipment all ready and waiting at your holiday home to really make any trip to the beach enjoyable one!

The pack includes:

Cool box with ice packs
Thermos flask for refreshing cool drinks
Parasol with easy insert stand
Beach tent for the toddlers
Buckets and spades
Beach football
Wooden rackets with ball
Beach bowling
4 x large beach towels
Picnic equipment - plates, cups, knives, forks & serviettes

If you went to the local shops and bought all of the above, it would cost in the region of £80+

Packs vary depending on availability